Friday, January 1, 2010

What doesn't kill you...

Hello from the newly lacto-ovo-veggo and caffeine-free Deb. It's day 2 of my health experiment and so far I'm wanting a cup of coffee SO BADLY I could scream because of this cursed withdrawal headache :( . I mean, I knew I was going to get it because I've done this before, but I'd forgotten what a humdinger of a headache it is and the fact that nothing shifts it, not even quite strong painkillers. But I don't care - I will be strong and resist. It's meant that I haven't done much today besides sleep and rest, but that's good for my knee anyway, so veg and rest I will if that's what I need to do. I must admit, I'm not necessarily going to give coffee away forever because I do love it and I really will be in danger of becoming the world's dullest person because that means I have no vices at! That will mean besides being a virtual non-drinker, I don't smoke, take drugs, gamble, drink diet soft drinks OR drink coffee. Ho hum. But as I've been telling people, if I could have just a cup of black coffee, no sugar, I'd never give it up. Unfortunately, I don't like it like that - I like my coffee wrapped up in mocha form, made on milk, from a coffee shop. It's an expensive habit both in terms of calories and dollars, so it's got to go for now.

And then there's the question of Dicky Kee. The knee is feeling pretty good today and a lot less swollen generally, but then it usually does if I'm not sitting at my desk typing. However, I've committed to taking fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin EVERY day like I'm supposed to (because I am notorious tablet forgetterer!) and since my restart I have been vigilant with it. I'm still not sure what to do re exercise. I do like Breaking Point but it is so full on with the boot camps and I really do not want this injury to turn into something more troublesome in the long-term. Equally, because they have such huge classes, I think they'd get really over having to tell me for each different thing what I can or cannot do, or what I should do for an alternative. The physio suggested strongly that I wait until I have orthotics before doing anything much at all, and I think that's a good idea, and that will be next week if all goes well. Apparently this maltracking patella/tight ITB/dodgy medial ligament business is not helped by the way I walk.

So, day 2 of my restart, I wish I could say I feel so much better and cleaner and healthier. I think I would if I didn't have this damn headache, though, so I'm going to think of that positive benefit right now before I go down the road and mug someone for a latte! This is the "cleanest" I have eaten in quite a long time, so I know it's got to be good for me. I've just had a lovely snack of honeydew melon. Mmmm! Probably protein shake time soon too - we veggos need extra!

Blog soon. Mwaaaah to all. xoxox


  1. Sounds like you are starting the year off strong. I also just recently gave up coffee and it was hard but I think it will be worth it in the long run!

  2. Well done on the coffee Deb. You are my hero. I can not get rid of the cursed habit (pepsi max in my case but caffeine is caffeine).

    As for the protein shakes, once you get into it you may find you don't need them There are so many meat free food ways to get enough protein that it really is not necessary.

    I hope your knee gets better soon. Take care.