Monday, December 14, 2009

How to motivate yourself in tough weeks

Here's an idea - post a picture of what you looked like at the very beginning of your JOURNEE.

Scary, isn't it?

Even though I'm certainly not happy with what I see in the mirror right now, and I wish more of my clothes fitted me, I need to remind myself as often as possible that I'm STILL 30kg better off than I was in this picture, and I can still do so much more to improve my health and lifestyle.

Revisiting the title of my blog, if I was going to talk about "motivation" (which, as we all know, is overrated), I would say that this week I am feeling very "unmotivated". Why? Well, it's Christmas, the silly season. I have a lot of work to do in both jobs (and am currently wondering what possessed me to get a second job which ALSO involves sitting on my butt all day - not good!!!), I have four singing gigs between now and Christmas. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and very much in "stop the world, I wanna get off!" mode. And this mood tends to be an eating trigger. So this is why I need to revisit my non-negotiables. On the list is relaxation, something I am not doing at all right now. I need to! And I have not exercised since Saturday. So much for that "non-negotiable". I need to give myself a (loving) boot up the behind and get things back on track, because I know I'm certainly a happier, less grumpy girl when I have endorphins in my system. And nothing seems as hard either.

My knee is still being a pain and I'm having trouble with my lower right leg swelling up (because of the knee) when I sit to do my job, and that's quite uncomfortable. I need to do a bit of research as to what I can do to make that better. In the meantime, I'm thinking my knee would be a lot easier to bear if it didn't have to take so much weight, so time to refocus there too, methinks! I know I've done relatively well since I got "Craiged", as in my weight has gone down, not up, but I can do a lot more for myself.


  1. I hear you Deb. Hopefully once the silly season has gone you can get back on track and hope the knee problem can be resolved some time soon.

  2. Woah! Look how far you've come from that pic! How about putting a reminder on your computer every hour to go for a little walk and stretch? Easier said than done I know, and you're likely to hit snooze a whole lot, but it might be worth a shot?

  3. I had huge problems with my knee when I first started losing my weight at 160kg so I totally understand how your knee and lower leg. When I lost the weight it got better just be careful with it and take it slowly and it will come right.