Friday, January 8, 2010

First week summary and news about Dad

Well, it's now the end of the first week of my New Year restart, and I'm pretty pleased with how I've done. :) I wasn't perfect, and I didn't manage to get rid of the coffee habit, but I have peace about that one. There will be other times to try that, and hopefully I won't have to work next time I do it. What really scuttled the attempt was trying to do my job, which requires quite a lot of concentration at times, with the big thumping headache. Lesson learned - do not give up caffeine when you have to stare at a puter! On the positive side, being newly veggie has meant I have eaten more fruit and veggies and healthy legumes in the last week than I have for aaaages, and that's got to be a good thing. I also have been very vigilant in taking my fish oil and glucosamine tablets (although I think I forgot them today - better fix that!)

I also got my backside to the gym last night and did an admittedly fairly limited workout, but it is a start! The knee issue means a fair bit of what they do is not advisable, but I still got there and I moved, and that's the most important thing. Now to do a bit more of it next week and over the weekend.

Oh, and I forgot to weigh in today, but I will next Friday.

Before I leave the blogosphere to settle down and read my new Craig book, Fattitude, I am sending good vibes out into the universe for my dad, who today heard from his doctor that after years of getting SCCs and BCCs cut off various parts of his skin (i.e. the harmless type of skin cancer), he now has an actual melanoma on his shin. :( I'm pretty worried about him, but I'm going to stay hopeful that because he is always at the skin specialist, they have caught it early and all will be well. Any good vibes/thoughts you have out there would also be appreciated. I really would love to have Dad around for a few more years.

Till next time... xoxox


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  2. Sending positive vibes and love to your Dad Deb.

  3. Some more positive vibes for your Dad from me too