Sunday, January 3, 2010

On second thoughts...

No, right now I can't quite manage to give up coffee. Ah, well. :) You know what? I'm OK with my choice to reconsider the all-out ban in favour of moderation. Seriously, so many people I know struggle with alcohol, for instance. They are seemingly totally unable to give it away entirely, so instead they just moderate their intake. I have no issue with alcohol whatsoever (thank God, because there's no doubt I have it in me to become an alcoholic if I did like it!). Neither do I take drugs, nor would I. I don't gamble and smoking is repulsive to me. These days I don't even drink soft drink of any kind (I'd already given up Diet Coke previously, but along with coffee I also gave up soft drinks on NYD). So all I really do "wrong" is enjoy a nice coffee, and honestly, is that SO bad? The old Debbie might have have fun beating herself up about this. These days I'm far more inclined to go with the flow and realise everything happens for a reason.

And you might wonder what it was that triggered it. Well, anyone who's ever read my blogs in the past would know I do have a love/hate relationship with my job. Right now it's a bit in the "hate" phase because the lot of work I've got to do this week is singularly uninspiring. The plight of the home worker is that you have to find a way to motivate yourself in weeks like this, because if I actually was going to an office I'd just do the work to make the time go faster. This isn't so easy at home because all sorts of things seem more appealing than doing a program I hate! Anyway, on those bad days I need something, anything to look forward to. In order to give up something you like, you need to replace it. Lately I have given up quite a few things I liked but haven't managed to replace them, and all that does is make me miserable with life. I moved up here for a reason - to get on with my life and start living a far more vibrant one, getting it all back in balance with a decent amount of social contact, more hobbies, etc. Since moving there's been a lot going on taking up time, plus it's been the silly season, but after tomorrow things will start to get back to normal and I can put other plans into action, such as joining a new choir/singing group asap, taking classes I'm interested in, going to trivia nights, karaoke, whatever. And when I do that, somehow I don't think my job will seem anywhere near as bad, and if I decide to give up coffee again, it won't be so hard. :)

Till next time, from the still lacto/ovo/veggie, but not yet caffeine-free Deb. xx


  1. Are we allowed to ask what your last blog was?

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  3. OK, it was :)

  4. Sounds fair and reasonable to me. You need something to enjoy.
    I look forward to seeing what the new Deb gets up to when she gets out and about.
    I hope the 'hate' phase ends quickly for yu Deb.