Monday, February 8, 2010

Day one done and dusted

OK, well, that's day one of calorie counting done and dusted. Considering that today I probably at least halved my caloric intake (and that's being generous - ahem!), it's quite remarkable how un-hungry I am right now. And I'm quite enjoying the feeling, actually. It makes a nice change from feeling like Moby Dick, or this lovely lady...

I am right within my cal budget for the day. I have, however, kept 100 spare up my sleeve in case at bedtime I am so hungry I find it hard to sleep (and don't worry - this has been known to happen in the past on some of my crazier "diets"!). However, if I keep drinking lots of water tonight, I am confident I won't need to have them. I think I'm going to be quite amazed (all over again) how little I really need to eat to live on. After all, creating an energy deficit in a body this size,well, it shouldn't be too hard to do, really!

I was lucky enough to meet with Sharif Deen last week and do a training session with him. Sharif was a finalist in last year's Biggest Loser show and is a living, breathing example that life-long fat people like me CAN leave that behind them and never go back. But the main take-home message I got from him was something he said the Commando told him - 1 hour of training cannot make up for 23 hours of bad eating. And that's my new motto. Don't get me wrong, I want to train, but I've been reminded very strongly that if I'm not eating right, it might make me a bit fitter, but no way is it going to get any weight off me.

And in general, there's to be much less of this...

..and much more of this!

Tomorrow is a fresh new day of counted calories and accountablity. Bring it on!!!


  1. well done!

    and i like:

    1 hour of training cannot make up for 23 hours of bad eating

  2. Well done on an awesome day! How exciting to have met Sharif. I saw him on TBL the other night and he looks so intense about what he does.
    Have an awesome day.