Friday, November 27, 2009

Setting the bar high

This morning finds me a rather tired girl because I went to my second boxing session with Breaking Point and, if anything, it was even harder than the first one I did on Wednesday night because at least in that one we got a cardio "break" from either boxing or catching and I lasted a lot better because of that. Today I was with a nice young girl who was very patient with me being so unfit by comparison with her, but MAN, could she hit and kick! I was really surprised how painful it can be if you don't catch properly - the impact goes all the way up through your forearms and right up to the traps, always my weak/bad spot due to my long hours at the computer for work and my habit of hunching my shoulders when anxious or stressed. But probably a lot of other people there were in the same boat - it's just that not one other person there was even close to my weight, and I don't think many were anywhere near my age either.

So that's why the topic for today's post - how high DO we set the bar? I can see merit in pushing yourself, certainly. If you never push yourself right out of whatever comfort zone your body is enjoying, nothing is more certain than that you will quickly plateau and stop improving. However, the other side of the coin is that for a person like me, with more than a smidgin of inferiority complex in my make-up, it can be very discouraging to see just how far behind I am compared to "normal" people and it tends me make me want to give up.

And actually, reading that last paragraph over, it's veering perilously close to overthinking territory, but I think I reined it back in time. hehehe! ;)

Either way I look at it, I need to adjust my attitude and thoughts. Firstly, I think I did well today considering that Mel is younger, heaps fitter and a hell of a lot lighter than me. I didn't truly keep up with her, but I didn't give up even though I really, REALLY wanted to because my traps were screaming at me. And next time, even if I was paired with her again, I know I'd do better. Secondly, I need to drop the inferiority stuff. So WHAT if I'm older/slower/fatter/not fit? If I keep letting that stop me, I'll never do another thing because nothing will change without me making changes. I will be stuck in Groundhog Day, where I have already been for far too long.

So I'm going to do what my blog title says - suck it up. Find my inner mongrel - I know she is there!

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  1. Love this post!!! Debbie I am sure you are going to succeed!