Monday, May 17, 2010

Still "in the game"

When I went out for my attempted 10,000 step walk yesterday (FYI, made it to about 6,500 in OVER AN HOUR and realised that to get that many steps a day in my job is going to require some lateral thinking!), I chose a route along the foreshore at Scarborough. It was chilly, overcast, quite bleak, and I wasn't really "feeling it" much for the first 25 minutes or so. It was the sort of day when I would have thought if you had a choice, you'd stay in bed! But what did I see while I was out?

That's right - quite a lot of elderly folks. Some rode bikes, some walked slowly, but steadily. I even saw one walking with a walking stick, and another who was wheeling a walker along. But the point I'm making is...they were still out there, and on a day when they probably had every right not to be. And seeing the ones with the walking sticks/walkers made me feel pretty silly for thinking I was hard done by because Dickie Knee and my new orthotics are combining to make me walk quite a bit slower than I'm used to because now my leg is "tracking" properly, it's taking time to get used to. So after I'd passed them, I walked with an extra spring in my step and enjoyed it much more.

What did I learn? One, that sometimes all it takes is an attitude adjustment. And two, walking is a very underrated exercise, yet it is the most natural, normal thing that we were literally born and made to do. I certainly plan to do a lot more of it, now that jogging isn't really inadvisable for a bit.


  1. Doesn't usually take much for that small 'adjustment' in our thinking to kick in, does it.
    Well done for getting out there and for taking note of the world around you.

  2. Deb... Good to see you blogging again ..I am one of those crazy older People who walk in the cold also with my little wheely walker and Loveing it just to get out of the House and to feel alive is such a pleasure .. Have you walked over the old Hornibrook Highways Bridge ... great work out also as it has little hills on it and all ..In my Hey Day I used to run from one side to the other and Back ..Oh they were the days (: keep up the Good work